Hey there.  My name is Greg Holmes.  I am an artist and pastor living in north Texas. I minister at Chase Oaks Church in Plano.  I studied art at The University of Texas at Austin earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1994. I studied theology at Dallas Theological Seminary earning a Master’s in Biblical Studies in 1998. 

Landscapes, places, and spaces - The story of uprooting and relocation is a common story for many people.  It has certainly been common for me.  I have found myself to be somewhat nomadic in my adult years increasingly longing for a stable place to call home.  These longings have been the fuel for much of this artwork. Much of the work on this site is related in one way or another to my journey and my desire to find a way to live, work, and develop a sense of aesthetics in the suburbs.

Following my most recent transition to the Dallas area in 2009, I began to work in my own way within a tradition of landscape artists who focus on their local surroundings.  In an attempt to better understand this place I call home, I have found myself most drawn to the scenes that I pass by again and again - mundane aspects of suburban life that are easy to look past and easy to forget. By doing so I sensed my attitude concerning the suburbs begin to shift. I found myself being drawn to the people who inhabit these ordinary spaces - and now catch myself praying for people I have never met as I imagine their stories. I think these suburban scenes are worthy of record not only because they have a beauty all their own but because the people who inhabit these spaces matter. The street corners, storefronts, and rooftops represent people's lives and the spaces where God is doing His work in and around where I live. 

Commissions - The commissions page on this site is much more varied in its offering and is just a sampling of commissions I have completed. Through the creation of album and book covers, book illustrations, and custom paintings, it has been a joy to help clients realize their desires.  Stylistically, each peace represents my personal spin on what I feel each client is looking for.

If you would like to see additional artwork, receive a price and availability sheet for artwork on this site, or discuss desires for custom artwork, please contact me.